Past Projects

Small Business Energy Saver Program

The Small Business Energy Saver Program (SBESP) can help reduce energy consumption costs and lower the greenhouse gas emissions of your small business!

GV Community Energy helped to roll out this program across the Hume Region in partnership with Indigo Power and on behalf of Sustainability Victoria. Our role is to help identify the key energy savings opportunities within your business and ensure the correct rebates are able to be received from the Approved Providers (AP).

It allows for eligible small businesses to also receive an additional rebate of up to $2,200 to install more energy efficient appliances in addition to the ongoing Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

Please Note: This program commenced in July 2021 and was completed by May 2022.  This program is now closed for any additional registrations. 

Community Power Hub

The Hume Community Power Hub worked with communities to provide access to advice and resources that bolster upskilling, engagement and importantly, the development of community-based renewable energy projects, promoting Victoria’s transition to renewable energy.

Social Enterprises Indigo Power and GV Community Energy jointly delivered the Hume Community Power Hub. Additionally, we worked closely with the North East Community Energy Network, a collaboration of 18 community energy groups from the Hume region and beyond. A dedicated working group made up of members from the North East Community Energy Network helped guide the Hume Community Power Hub.

Solar For Moyola

GV Community Energy is coordinated the “Solar for Good” program on Moyola Gardens Retirement Village at Tatura. This project allowed residents to receive a 3.7 Kwh solar array and targeted 36 buildings, each with an individual PV system.

Home Energy Assessments by Geoff Lodge

Geoff Lodge from GV Community Energy walks us through a home energy assessment in the four videos below.  

GV Community Energy

GV Community Energy is a community-based organisation committed to promoting community action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage sustainable living.